The Change Collective

Culture as more than a poster

An international financial company launched a new global strategy and they needed to instil a new behaviour within the company to support it. Global and local change ambassadors initiated projects to make the new culture visible in day-to-day action.


A complete transformation of the business was a bold ambition. It meant changing their role towards their customers by becoming more agile and responsive. Not only what, but how things were done had to change throughout the entire organisation. This included new competencies, new leadership behaviours, and new ways of teamwork. All rolled out to over 25.000 people world-wide. But how do you change a global culture?

Rethink culture

First of all, the new values needed to be given meaning. Via a digital platform, ‘I-statements’ were co-created by hundreds of people in the company from different levels and countries. Global change ambassadors were trained with a tailor-made toolkit with team and culture interventions, all of which was made available to the entire company. Country board members we’re coached to link their local change projects to culture interventions. In parallel, global change ambassadors trained local change agents to set up their own change roadmap and use the toolkit.

Reshape flow

By making the values tangible and observable in day-to-day practice, teams on every level could relate to them. In the tailor-made sessions we created, business units and teams were asked to link their own change journey to the new required behaviours. Utilising both the power of one global culture, as well as the driving force of local change. This created not only an understanding of what was needed, but also an alignment in words and actions. Supporting teams world-wide linked strategy to culture and put culture to action. Making culture more than just a poster. Bringing strategy, leadership and behaviour in flow.

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