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Rethink business.
Reshape future.

Our society is in transition. A ‘new economy’ is emerging. An economy in which profit is seen as a result of using business as a force for good. This requires our organisations to undergo a serious transformation. To have a strong strategy directly derived from purpose, and leadership that relies on trust and intuition. It is time to rethink business.

How we rethink.

Now is the time to rethink how we do business, but how do we create change that lasts? As Einstein wisely said – ‘We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking we used when we created them.’

We don’t need incremental change. We need transformation. Putting plasters on symptoms, won’t cut it any longer. True transformation always touches the fundamental ‘systemic challenges’ of an organisation. It creates friction with all the patterns that have run your business in the past. Transformation requires us to let go of the old, and create space for something new to emerge. Therefore, true transformation is always a journey of vision, courage and perseverance.

We support our clients on this journey by first helping them identify the key challenges and levers for transformation. To get them to start rethinking their organisation we use Theory U Methodology and our model for ‘spirited organisations’.

We focus our approach on the key elements that need to be balanced to create long-term success.

How we reshape.

Together with the leaders and changemakers in all layers of the organisation, we help identify the key challenges and blockers for the desired transformation. We define the ‘levers for change’ and set up a change programme. Then we design a clear roadmap of interventions varying from rethinking internal strategy to reshaping roles and responsibilities, and from rethinking leadership behaviour to reshaping professional autonomy. We guide the process, design and facilitate the interventions and support our clients with the day-to-day activities until the job is done. Throughout our approach we combine the hard elements of change, like strategy, process and structure with the soft elements of leadership, coaching and culture. This way we ensure that change is fundamental and completely owned by people in the organisation. This helps in truly making the required transformation.

What to reshape.

We always tailor our transformation programmes to the specific needs of our clients. To give you an idea, here’s a simple outline of the five ways we offer support:

  1. Never waste a good crisis Rethink crisis. Reshape value.
  2. Leaders pave the way Rethink leadership. Reshape agility.
  3. The organisation that manages itself Rethink organisation. Reshape accountability.
  4. Strategy that sticks Rethink transformation. Reshape impact.
  5. Culture as more than a poster Rethink culture. Reshape flow.

Let's change the world.
One organisation at a time

The Change Collective

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