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A large medical company needed to change its strategy due to the shifting needs of their healthcare clients. Together with their leadership and dedicated workgroups we created a clear transformation roadmap to deliver key process changes and provide much needed direction to the company.


The urgency for strategic changes was felt throughout the company, however the question of how was paralysing the organisation on a tactical level. Many fundamental changes in the area of product innovation, digitalisation and sustainability needed to be made to meet the demands of the market. But to meet these challenging demands, the organisation needed guidance from their leaders. Difficult choices needed to be made and actually followed through. And the organisation needed to be mobilised to implement the changes. But where to start?

Rethink transformation

First of all, we supported the leaders in their decision-making process. In the first sessions we facilitated, senior leadership realised that they already were very much aligned on the course of action. Their challenge was in making decisions together and sticking to the choices that were made. By first addressing these leadership team dynamics, we cleared the way for empowered and aligned sub-workgroups on key topics. By co-creating the roadmap for change together with the sub-workgroups, the process that followed had the buy-in of all the key players within weeks. In the carefully defined projects and experiments that came next, the strategy was made real. Both in action and in behaviour.

Reshape impact

The process taught the organisation to take a ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ approach to all major areas of change. This integrated approach drove the overall transformation process forward. Due to the clear guidelines from senior leadership and with subsequent space for involvement from key players from all layers in the organisation, middle management was really put in the driver’s seat to manage and deliver change projects. The selected projects were successful early in the transformation journey. Both regarding the new direction as well as the new way of doing things. By widely communicating this, they built collective confidence and momentum. The organisation followed through with diligence and the strategy stuck.

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