The Change Collective

The organisation that manages itself

An IT service firm wanted to be more agile so they could bring their solutions to the market faster. This required a new setup of the way their teams worked together, as well as a critical review of governance and strategic boundaries to maximise professional autonomy.


The goal was to be able to make better decisions – faster. So, they needed a completely new way of working. They wanted to be able to immediately act on customer feedback and be innovative by creating more minimal viable products and failing fast. But with a workforce stuck in functional silos, lengthy decision-making processes and traditional structures, it felt almost impossible. Where to begin the process of creating ownership in the organisation?

Rethink organisation

Creating a new standard way of working was the easiest part of becoming an agile organisation. It truly started by creating the context for success. We set up a supporting governance structure in which the board also started working in agile teams on their respective portfolios. Very clear and strategic boundaries were created and set for teams to strictly define their freedom of action. The team structure and roles were changed, and day-to-day team performance and decision making was supported by a coaching programme.

Reshape accountability

Now the playing field was clear, the players understood their roles and the collective goals of the team. By experimenting with each other and constantly reinforcing the boundaries for decision making, professionals and leaders became better at leaving responsibility where it was supposed to be. While individuals also started taking more ownership for decisions and results. Accountability became the norm, leading to quick decisions and more quality. Giving customers what they needed.

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