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Most organisations recognize the importance of behaviour, and they dedicate precious time and resources to building their culture. However, cultivating a culture that truly supports the strategy isn’t an easy task.

It requires the values to be linked closely to the transformation and made specific enough on every department level. Behaviour should always support the objectives of the organisation. This is achieved by integrating culture in the strategy implementation process and using it as lever for change. Creating business experiments that focus on doing things according to the new desired culture helps people to directly apply new behaviour into a daily context. And that will put your organisation in the right flow.

Rethink culture. Reshape flow.

Most leaders want their people to take more responsibility, but at the same time, they want to stay in control of the results. This requires strict guidelines... and letting go.

We believe that if you want to become more agile, you need to empower your people to make their own decisions. This isn’t easy; you need strategic leadership guidelines and clear agreements for self-organisation. Only then can interdisciplinary work teams become autonomous. If organisations are willing to experiment with this level of freedom, magic will happen: your organisation will largely manage itself.

Rethink organisation. Reshape accountability.

Revising your strategy can be relatively easy. Getting it to work can prove to be difficult, as strategy implementation isn’t just about the practical changes or brilliant ideas.

We believe strategy implementation encompasses the restructuring of processes, the engagement of leadership and changes in behaviour. It’s vital to build on the energy that’s already present in your organisation and create a clear storyline that connects to your purpose - all linked together in a clear transformation roadmap. By designing an integrated change approach, you’ll be able to drive your strategy at the desired speed, while keeping your day-to-day business running.

Rethink transformation. Reshape impact.

In a crisis we often see organisations try to solve their problems with the same thought processes that led them to the crisis in the first place.

We believe that by acting out of aspiration, instead of panic, the people in your organisation will rally behind the change. You can use your crisis to make the transformation you actually need to make, by changing the ‘reflexes of leadership’, setting new strategical boundaries and restructuring the fundaments. This way, when the storm is over, your organisation will be ready for the future ahead.

Rethink crisis. Reshape value.

Not everyone in your organisation will be behind all the changes right away. But we know a smart way to get things started. The leaders pave the way.

Of course you can use viral change, influencers and agile change concepts, but senior staff and part of the middle management team should be committed to the coming changes first. Leaders need to exemplify the new behaviour and inspire the organisation to trust the changes, so they can take ownership and drive the change themselves. By rethinking the role of leadership in transformation, you will highly increase the effectiveness and speed of change.

Rethink leadership. Reshape agility.

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