The Change Collective

A collective of changemakers.

Everyone at The Change Collective is connected by the same sense of purpose and ambition. A drive to make the world a better place. A desire to help our customers change for the better. As consultants and coaches, we keep our skills sharp and fresh. We’re good at what we do because we’re passionate about what we do.

Spirited people

We are a collective of spirited people.

We’re grounded individuals with an uplifting energy. Professionals with a fresh, can-do mentality. Experienced and with a clear vision on change. We’re not afraid to speak our minds and stand our ground, but we’re always open to reach out and connect.

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How we collaborate

  1. Co-creation

    We co-create. We bring in our expertise and guidance, but co-create the transformation together with our partners. This way, we create change that lasts.

  2. Guide & Empower

    We empower people in the organisation to take ownership for their role in the transformation. We guide and support until they can do it themselves.

  3. Hard & soft

    We combine the “soft stuff” with the “hard stuff”. Strategy and business objectives are the starting point for behavioural transformation.

  4. Reflection & feedback

    We create an environment of trust so we can address what needs to be addressed in the teams, without beating around the bush.

Being the change

We believe every change starts with yourself. So we practice what we preach. This means we take care of our people and our planet. Some examples on how we put this in practice:

  • We are completely self-organizing and we define each other’s salaries
  • We have no financial targets or sales targets
  • We trust each other to have an unlimited number of leave days
  • Our intuition and senses guide important decisions
  • Our organisation is 100% transparent and everything is open for dialogue

Due to this we are a successful and growing company. Want to know more? Read our blog about the 5 most important lessons we learned along the way. Or contact us and we’ll gladly tell you all about it.

We are CO2 neutral and are guided by the UN sustainable development goals. To hold ourselves to these standards, we certified ourselves as B Corp. Using business as a force for good.

Let's change the world.
One organisation at a time